Testimonials #whatdrivesyou

Came into Amko with uncertainty and was immediately greeted by sales associate Sydney. He welcomed me and asked to listen to my story as to what lead me here today. After telling him my story and what I can afford, he said with pure confidence no worries your leaving here with a car today. I was still unsure because I've heard those words before. But with God's favor Sydney not only made good on his promise but the entire Amko staff congratulated me and comforted me when I burst into tears of joy for being approved on my new vehicle. I will 100% recommend Amko Auto to anyone. They are the best and the entire team is extremely professional and will work hard to make sure each and every customer is approved. #AmkoDrivesMe

Jaci Johnson

Bladensburg, MD
Nissan Sentra

i came to amko from Alexandria VA on a 2012 chevy camro ss that i saw on cargurus for a very fair price, they treated me very professional and i got my car for the exact price. if you need a car go see these guys. mike j. 06/25/2016

mike johnson

alexandria, va
2012 chevy camaro ss

" Like everyone else, when the economy went bad a few years ago, i struggled and my credit paid for it. I didn't think i would ever be able to get another car for a while. I visited a lot of dealerships that promised to get me into a car, but i kept getting rejected. After a friend got a car at AMKO, she suggested i go by. Reluctantly, i went and expected to hear the same rejection, but with 1500 dollars as a down payment, I drove off with my dream car! Where everyone else failed to get me into a car, they did it! Thanks AMKO ! #AmkoDrivesMe

Barbara Anderson

Laurel, MD
2012 BMW 6 Series

I love AMKO. I drove off in a luxury SUV with a little money down. I couldn't believe how fast they got my application done. #CadillacDrivesMe #AmkoDrivesMe

Dre Jones

Baltimore, MD
2014 Cadillac Escalade

Got a great deal on my car and I'm so happy! I know ive been credit challenged in the past, but i was happy when i walked in and drove out with this car! AMKO saved my life ! #AmkoDrivesMe, #NissanDrivesMe

Jenna Shale

Baltimore, MD
2014 Nissan Rogue

Super Awesome Experience. AMKO makes car buying easy. I actually thought i was at a buy here pay here dealership, but this was so much more better! I also didn't have to worry about in house financing. Instead, they were getting me bank financed! Even with my credit ! Thanks AMKO! #AmkoDrivesMe

Brenda Amaya

Baltimore, MD
2013 Merdedes Benz C Class

I had a repo last year. Talk about challenged credit... and yet, a year later, i'm driving a great car again. AMKO worked with me and got me into a 2013 Ford F150. I'm beyond happy.

Joel Gibman

Washington, DC
2013 Ford F150

What impressed me was the fact that AMKO had such diverse cars. I hadn't seen supercars on a car lot. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Audi, Lexus. Huge selection of great cars. That's what drew me into the dealership. Then i got approved on a Lexus and i was hooked. Thanks Amko! #AmkoDrivesMe

John Singletary

Alexandria, VA
2014 Lexus

I thought AMKO was a buy here pay here lot like everything else i had seen in laurel, but they were different. They got me into a 2015 Nissan with super low miles! Best part is, I own this car. They got me financed with $2,000 down ! This is my first big purchase and i'm so excited. Thanks AMKO. #AmkoDrivesMe

Joseph Gonzales

Capitol Heights, MD

Yo tenía un número de identificación fiscal y ningún número de la seguridad social , así que estaba preocupado de que no iba a ser capaz de obtener un buen coche para mi familia , pero AMKO AUTO me ayudó y me tiene aprobados y en un BMW ! ¡Estoy tan feliz!

Juan Carlos Mendez-Gonzalez

Laurel, MD
2009 BMW X5